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Flamingos of Celestun
Pink Flamingos in Biosphere Reserve of Celestun
A beautiful journey into the Biosphere Reserve of Celestun to see the magnificent flocks of Pink Flamingos, as well as many other birds found in the Yucatan Peninsula.
We offer this trip from beginning of November until April.
These are the months when you'll have the chance to see the most flamingos.

As with all our tours, we’ll pick you up from your hotel or B&B early so that we arrive in Celestun before the crowds and the heat of the day.

Celestun is a typical fishing village located 96 km west of Merida and we’ll get a fascinating glimpse into everyday Yucatecan life as we drive through the charming small villages along the way.

Our destination is the beautiful Celestun Biosphere Reserve that is home to one of the world’s most important Pink Flamingo colonies, with over 23,000 flamingos using the area as a nesting, resting, feeding and breeding site.

There are also over 300 other species of birds in the reserve, including kingfishers, herons and hawks, as well as species endemic to the Yucatan Peninsula, such as the Yucatan Black-throated Bobwhite and the Mexican sheartail hummingbird.

We’ll take a beautiful 90-minute boat ride through the vast mangroves and wetlands to admire the impressive water bird populations and see the dazzling flocks of Pink Flamingos (that get their bright pink color from eating Brine Shrimp).

Celestun also boasts long stretches of white sandy beaches and is well-known for its thatched-roof beachfront restaurants, so if you’d like to have lunch before we head back to Merida, we’ll settle into one of these for a delicious meal of locally-caught seafood and an ice-cold beer!

Length of tour: Around 7 hours

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Biosphere Reserve of Celestun
Sandy beach of Celestun